Big Foot Systems are the largest rooftop
free-standing frame manufacturer in the world!


Launched in 2001, our challenge was to offer a versatile non-penetrative support system, as an alternative to traditional timber, steel and concrete constructions, whilst still protecting the roofs integrity. Today we are the industry leaders in rooftop load management, designing and manufacturing the widest product range of support solutions.

We understand that no two roofs are the same. Limited space, access, existing obstructions or lightweight roofs may require a Big Foot Systems Custom Framework. Our experienced in-house technical services team will plan the most effective support solution using the latest design software.

At Big Foot Systems we set the standard on any installation, meeting the needs of clients, developers, architects, consultants, engineers and contractors. We are yet to encounter a scenario under which we haven’t been able to design a solution! 

Simply a better way.­­­­