Blackburn, UK

ProjectPresspart Plant Deck, Blackburn, UK
ContractorWalter Carefoot & Son (Construction)
Install DateOctober 2015
Roof FinishKingspan Topdek c/w single-ply PVC/TPE membrane
SupportedPlant Deck
Big FootCustom Plant Deck

Big Foot Systems has supplied a large custom plant deck solution to H&T Presspart, a world leader in pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing, as part of an extension to its existing Blackburn factory. Contractor Walter Carefoot & Sons (Construction) Ltd was awarded the contract to provide a three-storey structure comprising steel frame and metal deck floors with a single ply PVC/TPE membrane roof.

As part of the extension to the manufacturing facility a plant deck was required that could safely distribute the plant load across a light-weight roof consisting of cold rolled purlins, transferring them down to the structure without the need for penetrations. Big Foot Technical worked closely with the structural engineer for the scheme, Paul Waite Associates Ltd, and subsequently with the Carefoot Construction team, carrying out a number of site surveys to ensure the system would land above the purlins, avoiding a service riser and man safe system.

Due to the lightweight nature of the roof construction, Big Foot developed a solution to distribute and limit the imposed foot pressure loads to 5.5kN/m2. The resulting 66m2 modular plant deck, which was fundamental to the critical path of the construction programme, was assembled in two days allowing the installation of plant to commence immediately.

“The solution that Big Foot Systems provided has met all expectations and the team were both thorough and knowledgeable when planning the deck with us,” said Mark Armstrong, Contracts Manager at Walter Carefoot & Sons. “As well as spreading the load safely and evenly, the non penetrative nature of the system means we have avoided any need for additional waterproofing detail and it won’t introduce cold bridging to the roof which is another huge benefit.”

Big Foot Plant Deck Frames have been designed in line with customer demand to facilitate multiple VRF/VRV installations with access requirements or restrictions. The frames offer fast install with three standard sizes in stock and custom design to suit all applications. The systems also benefit from a wide base making them stable in high wind locations, often a design consideration with very tall units.